Gameplay      Twelve hours of intense gameplay, fast paced combat, hundreds of weapons to choose from, magical potions, lots of enemies guarantee the player inmense fun. The battl system is easy to master with lots of options and personal combat styles allowing the player to enjoy battle all the time. Setting 30 maps that include forests, jungles, deserts, beaches, dungeons, hell itself and sunken city take the player into a journey unlike any other. All maps where developed with Oaxaca, a province in southern mexico as it's base giving an unordinary look and feel.
Allies Ten characters accompany Akara at different moments, helping out in battle and enriching the story plot. In a few places the main character becomes other than Akara. Character personality was created from an adult non-stereotypical point of view augmenting the realism of each dialogue.
Story      The story plot around Murasaki Mist is like nothing you have played. A nuclear holocaus, a historian obssesed with the truth of the world's past, friendly demons, Rio's Mezcal first world war ghosts and the Alchemy of famous Fulcanelli all take place in a sort of medieval environment Latinamerica Murasaki Mist is a game anyone can enjoy, but it was created with a latinamerican public in mind, so they will definetly enjoy many details thrown around the world and the story.
Hundreds of weapons, tens of different potions. Each weapon has magical attributes as well as damage and attack properties. Akara always uses two weapons so magical properties can be stacked or mixed.
Every town has shops where you can replennish your potions, fruits and get new weapons. You can sell weapons which are no longer useful. There is a travel merchant called Lord Uruki.
Battle system was kept easy for anyone to master, still battles can get serious. Combat is fun, along the lines of Y's Memories of Celcetta.